DYMONDATM is a MS Windows-based tool that implements the DFM technology. It is an advanced general-purpose dynamic modeling tool for system reliability and risk analysis.

Based on the Dynamic Flowgraph Methodology (DFM)

Very suitable for the Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) of complex dynamic systems.

Graphic modeling environment to enable users to easily create system models.

– Powerful multi-state/multi-valued, time dependent logic modeling

– Feedback and closed loop control system modeling capability

– Integration of hardware, software and human-operator models

Functional success and failure analysis.

– Inductive (cause-to-effect)

– Exhaustive deductive (all possible causes of a system effect)

Unlimited scenarios analyzed from one system model.

Exact probability calculations.

Produces the multi-valued logic equivalent of cut sets and probabilities.


Yearly subscription

Discount available for multiple licenses. Contact us for more information.

Academic license is available for academic institutions in the United States.

Please email if you are interested in acquiring DYMONDATM.

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